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GNSS RTK Base Stations

GNSS RTK Base Stations

Perform field work with GeoMeter's high-precision RTK signal. Absolute accuracy and independence from CORS network providers. Purchase RTK GNSS base stations that support unlimited simultaneous rover connections. GeoMeter offers GNSS RTK base stations at lower prices than other companies.

Main advantages of RTK base stations for precision farming:

  • Obtaining accurate data on the location of objects;
  • Compatibility with international coordinate systems;
  • The ability to obtain network functions when installing one set of equipment.

GNSS RTK base stations for precision farming help improve the accuracy and productivity of agricultural machinery. Base stations manufactured by GeoMeter are compatible with equipment from any manufacturer that can receive corrections via the RTCM v3 protocol: CLAAS, NovAtel, Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Javad, South, Stonex, Autopilots FJ Dynamics, Hemisphere, ComNav, South, Emlid...

Own base station RTK will provide access to the network 24/7, which is especially important for work that is performed at night.

GNSS Base Station RTK
GNSS Base Station RTK
123 000 грн


There are numerous benefits to using RTK base stations. Agricultural companies can save a quarter of the amount of standard investments annually, which makes it possible to increase the attractiveness of agricultural activities. RTK base stations for precision farming, navigation equipment can be ordered at competitive prices from GeoMeter. The company's consultants will help you choose the most optimal station that will meet the needs and needs of each farm.