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GNSS RTK geodesic set of GeoMeter SCOUT GM PRO RTK L1 (geometer S5 GM PRO KIT)

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GNSS RTK geodesic set GeoMeter SCOUT with GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK L1 and storage battery

Works with centimeter accuracy

A special set for accurate positioning with centimetre accuracy is a convenient and reliable technical solution in the GNSS market equipment for RTK shooting. The set consists of a GeoMeter SCOUT device with software and an integrated Bluetooth wireless communication module, GNSS satellite receiver GM PRO RTK Rover and a GeoMeter Power Station battery, as well as tripods with an expander for Rover. The sturdy design of the GM PRO RTK chassis (IP68 protection standard) provides a convenient practical application of the receiver in the field. Communication with the controller is carried out using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Such a set will be useful for those types of work where high accuracy is important.

Product page:

The main advantages of the GeoMeter set SCOUT GM PRO RTK L1 are centimetre and sub-centimeter measurement accuracy, the ability to synchronize data online with Agroprofile and the ability to connect additional devices via Bluetooth (for example, working with a Soil Densitometer).

GeoMeter SCOUT is an extremely protected device with new unique functions that will be useful in the work of agronomists, accountants and heads of agricultural enterprises. The new generation GeoMeter proprietary device has a protected housing according to the industrial standard IP68 and according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G. The fully sealed device is made using the latest technologies. The metal body is covered with an industrial rubber layer, which softens the impacts of the device during falls. 3rd generation Gorilla Glass hardened glass with "innate damage resistance" technology.

RTK Method

The essence of the RTK GNSS method is to receive a satellite signal simultaneously by a mobile rover at a point and a base station at a known static point. The database captures the difference in the calculated and actual data and transmits the RTK correction to the rover. You can purchase and install your own GNSS base receiver GM PRO RTK Base L1 and receive RTK corrections to the rover from it free of charge and without time restrictions.

If you do not plan to install your own base station, GeoMeter company offers you an alternative efficient solution - connecting GNSS RTK receivers to the RTK signal from the network of base stations. You can subscribe to RTK (receiving RTK amendments to the receiver) for different periods: for a month, three months or a year.

GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK allows real-time geodesic measurements.

Areas of use of geodesic set GNSS RTK:

- Geodesic survey
- Cadastral works
- Construction support
- Management of construction machines and other equipment
- Forestry
- Utilities
- Agronomy and agriculture

Benefits of RTK GNSS

  • Centimeter and even sub-centimeter accuracy
  • High measurement speed without post-processing
  • Amendments can be transmitted via a radio channel (option) or using networks of mobile operators, if the work is carried out in their coverage area
  • Taking into nature using an RTK GPS receiver is easier than using a tacheometer: measurement can be carried out alone. The base station does not require observation during operation, and the rover can move a long distance from the base.


Land surveying
Binding Points to Terrain
Exit to point
RTK shooting
Small area measurement
Create a field map
Instant display on Google maps
Count the number of hounds when working with wide-cutting equipment
Connect additional devices via Bluetooth
Working with Soil Carpenter
Accounting of performed works
Area Definition
Determining Distances
Saving Coordinates
Display in the Agroprofile system
Mobile office

Receiver type: GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou)
Number of channels: 200, L1
Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 (RS232 - option)
Case: Zahist behind the standard IP68
Certificates: CE, FCC
Dimensions: 17.5 x 8.5 cm
Weight: 1.1 kg

Capacity: 6000 mA/h
Case: aluminum
LED charge indicators
Current output: 5В
Current power: 2А

GeoMeter SCOUT
GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK L1 Rover
Embedded Battery SET for GM PRO RTK Rover
Battery GeoMeter Power Station
Tripod with expander for Rover
Tripod attachment for GeoMeter SCOUT
Protective box for GeoMeter SCOUT


To work with the RTK rover as a controller, the set uses the GeoMeter SCOUT device, which allows
- visually monitor the results;
- compare results during survey;
- load the coordinates of points in advance when putting the project in stakeout.
The program will give you the necessary direction and distance between stations.

Thanks to improved positioning technologies, GeoMeter SCOUT GM PRO RTK is ready for any complexity. Whether it is determining points on the ground, quickly measuring the area or accurate marking - complete with GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK Rover L1 it will cope with any task.

Buying a GNSS RTK geodesic set is advisable to significantly increase your productivity: with the help of satellite equipment you can independently perform significantly more measurements than in the same time you would do with a partner using optical equipment.


GeoMeter company devices have very convenient and thoughtful software. You can use measured object files in any program with built-in file export capabilities. You can export data to the following formats: CSV, TXT, KML (for Google Earth). Also, using the site Agroprofile, you can display a map of fields on top of Google Maps in separate layers, get complete information about each field.


Device of GeoMeter SCOUT is a personalized device. Log in to your Agroprofile account and synchronize fields. Share notes and other data with colleagues in the same enterprise. Data exchange takes place using a secure protocol. No one but you can access your data. Your Agroprofile account is password protected. You can put the password on the GeoMeter SCOUT device one of the available options: pin code, facial recognition, graphic password.

The SCOUT GeoMeter can be connected to additional devices the Bluetooth module and receive data from them. When working with the Digtal Penetrometer, soil density parameters for the measured points are added to the path points. The result is displayed on the GeoMeter SCOUT device in the form of a graph, and is also saved for report generation. During synchronization, measurement data are sent to the on-line office of the Agroprofile to preserve the complete history of the field study, as well as to receive extended reports.

The augmented capabilities of the online platform Agroprofile were specially developed taking into account the technologies of the GeoMeter SCOUT device. Direct synchronization of data between employees of the same company within the company profile. Store the database of your fields on all your devices and have secure access to them 24/7 using the Agroprofile system. You can use measured object files in any program with built-in file export capabilities. You can export data to the following formats: kml, utm, mgrs, txt, csv, datum user.

GeoMeter SCOUT is equipped with a modern screen with IPS technology and HD resolution of 720x1440 points. The increased brightness of the screen in 400 nits will allow you to perform work with great comfort even on a bright sunny day. GeoMeter SCOUT has scratch resistant Gorilla Glass. Using GeoMeter to measure field area is easy and convenient!

The SCOUT GeoMeter has an intuitive menu, and you can divide the field into several sections in one of several ways. Use the SCOUT GeoMeter with maximum benefit. Do you need to measure the field in several parts? To do this, just touch in the right place on the screen. And the area will be divided according to the parameters you need. You determine how to divide the field.

The new GeoMeter SCOUT software is both simple and functional. The new program logic will allow you to perform many functions and calculations in just one click. Whether it is measuring the area, dividing the area into several parts, cutting out unproductive areas - all this you will get with maximum convenience. New features: field marking, selection of the most convenient field processing trajectory, embedding circles in semi-automatic mode for the construction of circular irrigation systems, working in RTK mode, displaying measurements on Google maps in real time.

The free online system Agroprofile will complement the functionality of GeoMeter and GeoTrack navigation instruments with a full-fledged agricultural planner, the opportunity to get extended information about each field, including weather for each site, field processing history and many others. Accounting, control, planning and analysis of the efficiency of business processes - with all these tasks will help to cope with the online system Agroprofile.

Агропрофиль - система онлайн планирования для сельского хозяйства



  • Bluetooth Yes, version 4.2
  • Wi-Fi Yes, 802.11 b/g/n standard
  • RAM 16 GB
  • Battery up to 8 hours, depending on usage
  • Display 5.5 inches (13.97 cm)
  • Body IP68 Standard Protection
  • GPS receiver built-in + external
  • Memory card support up to 32 GB
  • GPS receiver type GM PRO RTK L1
  • Attachment Holder to tripod
  • Sim card Yes
  • Camera built-in (photo, video)
  • Support for 2G/3G/4G Yes
  • GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK Number of channels: 200, L1; Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0 (RS232 - option); Enclosure: Protection behind standard IP68; Services: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN; Certificates: CE, FCC; Dimensions: 17.5 x 8.5 cm; Weight: 1.1 kg
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