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GNSS receiver GM PRO RTK Rover L1 + L2

Brand: gm pro
Article: RTKRL12
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GM PRO RTK L2 is a new dual-frequency (L1, L2) 444-channel smart receiver of satellite signals with centimeter accuracy. Rover means that this device can be used as a portable receiver. The presence of two frequencies L1 and L2 provides a high level of accuracy and initialization time - the time required for the receiver to obtain a solution when operating in RTK mode. This will allow you to focus entirely on your work, since you can always be sure of the reliability of your equipment.

The GM PRO RTK receiver is a professional geodsic tool with an ideal combination of reliability and cost. The strong polycarbonate housing securely protects the receiver from shocks, dust and moisture, and has a IP68 protection class. GM PRO RTK is ready to operate in the toughest field conditions. It weighs 1400 grams and has dimensions: 17.5 x 8.5 cm.

GM PRO RTK L2 has several ways to connect to RTK corrections. For maximum accuracy, you can install your own GM PRO RTK Base, or receive corrections over the Internet from an NTRIP network partner. Also, GM PRO RTK can be configured to receive corrections on the radio channel (option), and is compatible with any base stations of other manufacturers. The radius of coverage is 50 km.

With GM PRO RTK L2 you can get high-precision coordinates via Bluetooth wireless connection.

GM PRO RTK L2 is a professional solution that has a high-performance antenna for receiving GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS/BeiDou, GALILEO satellites and a bright information OLED display for displaying information, as well as for convenient receiver configuration. The OLED display is also protected from impacts and ingress of dust and moisture.

Fast latching with short initialization time, the highest degree of reliability and stability make the GNSS GM PRO RTK Rover receiver L2 a versatile portable device for many applications where RTK accuracy is required.

  • Country of manufacture Spain
  • Body IP67 Standard Protection
  • Frequency 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz
  • Mount Magnets
  • Interfaces Bluetooth 4.0 (RS232 - optional)
  • Number of channels 444, L1+L2 (GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO)
  • Weight 1.4 kg
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