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Dual-frequency GNSS receiver GM RTK

Brand: geometer
Article: GMRTK
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The GNSS receiver GM RTK is a new two-frequency (L1, L2) 184-channel RTK receiver with an antenna that operates simultaneously with several satellite systems and accepts corrections in the RTCM 3.X.X format. This receiver is designed to work with geotrack or geometer software.

The budget receiver provides centimeter accuracy, has a highly sensitive geodetic level antenna that securely holds the signal even in urban conditions. Rover means that this device can be used as a portable receiver. The presence of two frequencies L1 and L2 provides a high level of accuracy and initialization time - the time required for the receiver to obtain a solution when operating in RTK mode. This will allow you to focus completely on your work, as you can always be sure of the reliability of your equipment.

The receiver has 2 indicators that show connected power and RTK statuses:

  • Red - Power LED
  • Blue flashes - RTK FLOAT status
  • Blue is constantly on - RTK FIXED status

GNSS Receiver GM RTK is a professional geodetic tool with an ideal combination of reliability and cost. This receiver is convenient in that it operates from 5 volts, which makes it possible to power it from any external battery on the 5В or GeoMeter Power Station.

With the GM RTK receiver, you can obtain high-precision coordinates through a Bluetooth wireless connection.

GM RTK L1 + L2 is an excellent price/quality solution that has a high-performance antenna for receiving GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS, BeiDou, GALILEO satellites. Fast latching with short initialization time, the highest degree of reliability and stability make the GNSS GM RTK receiver a universal portable device for many applications where RTK accuracy is required. Receiver has compact size and low weight.

  • Country of manufacture Ukraine
  • Frequency 1-20 Hz
  • Mount Magnetic holder
  • Interfaces Bluetooth
  • Number of channels 184
  • Weight 0.8 kg
  • Cold Start 24 sec
  • Warm Start 2 sec
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