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Geometer App for Field Area Measurement with GM SMART Receiver (DGPS + RTK)

Brand: geometer
Article: DGMTSM
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The geometer application for measuring field area on your tablet/phone with GM SMART receiver (DGPS + RTK) is the optimal set for accurate work with field area (measuring area, distances and setting points). The external GM SMART receiver is used to improve the sensitivity and quality of the GPS signal. You will be able to independently and with high accuracy carry out professional measurement of the area of fields of any shape, measuring distances, reaching the point, surveying, cutting out unproductive areas, creating electronic maps and many other operations with the area. To improve accuracy, use the configuration with the GM RTK receiver.

Product page:

The GM SMART receiver is based on the latest one-frequency OEM of the professional board. It has 200 channels for working with all available satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, SBAS. Works using Bluetooth or USB (option).

The GM SMART receiver has a built-in software DP filter, which ensures high accuracy of relative coordinates when working with the area.

The GNSS receiver GM SMART can operate in DGPS mode (on a free satellite signal), or in RTK mode L1 (accept corrections from its own base station or from network corrections via the Internet). Distance from the base station during operation with single-frequency RTK shall not exceed 8 km.

As a monitor, you can use your tablet or smartphone with Android OS, on which geometer SCOUT licensed software will be installed. This software includes technical support directly from the developer. In addition, the program is regularly improved and updated in accordance with the needs of modern farmers. If necessary, you can update your program to the latest version yourself. The receiver is connected to your device using a wireless Bluetooth connection or USB (optional). Such a kit will be useful for those types of work where high accuracy is important.


To install the software, you will need a device with the following technical parameters:

operating system Android, version 5.1.1 and higher
Google services required (Google Maps, Play Market)
Screen diagonal 7 inches or higher
RAM 2 GB or higher
Dedicated memory for a single application 192 MB or higher
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi Yes (if Agroprofil reports are needed)
Sim card if you need online tracking

geometer is a completely new software with new features. You will be able to more accurately position on the ground, accurately measure area, length, three-dimensional measurement, place points on the ground, maintain coordinates, enter your coordinates, digitize gardens and other objects, special markings on the ground, carve sections, embed new objects. All control is performed by a single touch to the screen. The program has an intuitive menu, so it does not require special user training.


Synchronization of fields and works on the Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE with the portal Agroprofile will greatly facilitate the work with the device and will provide the possibility of automatic transfer of the received measurements to the free portal for convenient planning and control of agricultural work. This will allow you to store all your fields and work in one place, and more effectively control all work processes.


  • Surveying (+GM PROGM SMART или GM RTK)
  • Small area measurement (+GM PROGM SMART or GM RTK)
  • Binding points to terrain (+GM PROGM SMART or GM RTK)
  • Point Output (+GM PROGM SMART or GM RTK)
  • Create a field map
  • Working with Cadastre
  • Instant display on Google maps
  • Count the number of hounds when working with wide-grasping equipment
  • Cutting Parcels
  • Field Layout
  • Planning of circular irrigation systems
  • Area Definition
  • Determining Distances
  • Synchronization with Agroprofile



Enclosure: dust and moisture protected (standard IP67)
All-in-One: receiver + antenna
Bluetooth: is, version 4.2
Attachment: magnetic holder
Channels: 200 channels, L1, GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU
Filter: DP-Filter
Frequency: 10 Hz (update data 10 times per second)
Diameter: 17 cm

With the geometer Software, you can easily prevent any contentious situations. Sometimes such questions arise when a technician is hired for the amount of work performed. The employer claims that the area of ​ ​ his field is 12 hectares, and you feel that this is not the case from fuel consumption and other materials. The GeoMeter device will help you in this situation. It is enough to bypass or tour the field exactly along its perimeter, and you will immediately see a drawing of this field and its exact area. And using the site Agroprofile, you can print a field card with full information about it.

The geometer program is personalized. Log in to your Agroprofile account and synchronize fields. Share notes and other data with colleagues in the same enterprise. Data exchange takes place using a secure protocol. No one but you can access your data. Your Agroprofile account is password protected.

A special layer "Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine" has been added to the geometer program, which will allow you to visually display your location relative to the boundaries of your site. It is possible to set extreme points with their preservation for further access to them..


The geometer program allows you to connect your device to additional devices using the Bluetooth module and receive data from them. When working with the Digital Penetrometer, soil density parameters for the measured points are added to the path points. The result is displayed on the GeoMeter SCOUT device in the form of a graph, and is also saved for report generation. So you can get a color density map of any field on your device in an easy-to-understand way.


Save the database of your fields on all your devices and have secure access to them 24/7 using the Agroprofile system. You can use measured object files in any program with built-in file export capabilities. You can export data to the following formats: kml, utm, mgrs, txt, csv, datum user.


The geometer software has an intuitive menu, and you can divide the field into multiple sections in one of several ways. Make the most of the program. Need to measure a field in several parts? To do this, just touch in the right place on the screen. And the site will be divided according to the parameters you need. You decide how to divide the field.

Completely new geometer software - both simple and functional. The new program logic will allow you to perform many functions and calculations in just one click. Whether it is measuring the area, dividing the area into several parts, cutting out unproductive areas - all this you will get with maximum convenience. New features: marking the field by gon, selecting the most convenient field processing path, embedding circles in semi-automatic mode for the construction of circular irrigation systems, working in RTK mode, displaying measurements on Google maps in real time.

Агропрофіль - система онлайн планування для сільського господарства




  • Diameter 170 mm
  • Country of manufacture Ukraine
  • Body IP67 Standard Protection
  • Mount Magnetic holder
  • Interfaces Bluetooth
  • Number of channels 200 channels, L1, GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO / BEIDOU
  • Synchronization with Agroprofile automatic
  • Correction filter DP-Filter
  • Receiver Type GM Spike
  • Frequency 10 Hz
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