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FJ Dynamics Autosteering kit for tractor, sprayer

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FJ Dynamics Autosteering kit

A complete kit of automatic steering system, which is installed on agricultural machinery of any manufacturer. Excellent equipment, which has everything you need. The brand and model of the tractor does not matter, because the kit contains everything you need for installation on any agricultural machinery. Accuracy 2.5 cm when working with a base station, or from any provider of paid RTK signal.

The FJ Dynamics Auto Steering Kit has several advantages:

  • the navigation system does not require unlocks, you receive RTK directly from the factory;
  • first low-cost system with ISOBUS;
  • does not require additional purchase of modems (GSM RTK and UHF radio modems are integrated into the monitor, an external GSM antenna will allow working from a network of base RTK GNSS stations in places with poor quality of mobile communication);
  • quick installation of the system (about 2-3 hours) will allow you to rearrange the autopilot for seasonal machinery;
  • 12 months warranty, which provides for hardware replacement during the warranty period.

The main components of the system:

1. Shock-resistant monitor 10.1 "(25.65 cm), protection class IP65, which provides control and display of all autopilot processes, the universal and familiar Android operating system will quickly deal with the settings and operation of the system. Supported Russian, English and other over 15 languages.
The monitor was created by principle - "all in one", on board a built-in GSM RTK modem 2G/3G/4G (receiving RTK corrections from networks of base GNSS stations), a built-in radio RTK modem, in the event of a complete absence of mobile communication, will allow you to work from your own field base GNSS RTK station via radio channel. RAM 2GB, internal memory 8GB. Works in different temperature conditions: from -30 to +70.

2. An electric motor with a steering wheel, a powerful motor with a maximum torque of 30 Nm will allow you to turn a very tight steering wheel without compromising the accuracy of the system. Universal 12 or 24 V power supply system. The fastest possible installation and fastening for all types of equipment.

3. System of 2 GNSS antennas. Allows you to additionally calculate not only the coordinates, but also the course, which contributes to a more accurate determination of the vehicle's location in space. The implementation of the receiving part in this format makes it possible to enter the tractor line already at a speed of 0.8 km/h, as well as to move in reverse.

4. IMU is an inertial measurement module. The built-in accelerometer and gyroscopes calculate the actual tractor positions (roll, pitch, yaw) to compensate for slopes and side shifts of the machine in hilly terrain and slopes.

5. Sensor for determining the angle of rotation of the wheels. Allows you to accurately determine the angle of rotation of the tractor wheels, depending on the change in the trajectory of movement.

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